Vermont Roller Derby

Wanna try roller derby?

Our Next Recruitment Event
is ON August 4th, 2019!

We practice every Sunday 1 PM - 3 PM at the Montpelier Rec Center
and Thursday nights at 6:30 at Anderson Field in Waterbury as weather allows.
Please RSVP to our recruitment with your shoe size! See you soon!


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We Practice at Montpelier Rec Center

58 Barre St.
Montpelier, VT

Every Sunday, 1 PM- 3 PM
*Note: we also practice on Thursday at 6:30 at Anderson Field in Waterbury when the weather is dry.

Please contact us before your first practice.



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We love to hear from you before your first practice, so drop us a line with any questions you have or just a simple RSVP. See you soon!

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