Now announcing Team Vermont: a merger for the ages

Have no fear, CVRD is still a thing. However, we're very excited to announce that we have merged with Green Mountain Roller Derby and Northeast Kingdom Roller Derby to form what we like to call "Team Vermont."

What does this mean? Well, NEKRD, GMRD, and CVRD will carry on with regular practices in our respective locations as normal. The functioning of the leagues is largely unchanged, but we are now able to share some resources and responsibilities to make roller derby in Vermont more viable. And when it comes time to compete, we join forces to make a super dream team!

Why? Well, Vermont is a rural state. For a while now, all the teams in the area have struggled to fill our rosters. Since we're often "borrowing" skaters from each other for bouts, it is advantageous to create more opportunities to practice together. Opening our practices to each other means more opportunities to skate and improve our skills. Furthermore, it takes a lot of work to keep a league up and running, so sharing resources can help keep roller derby viable. CVRD is currently a very small league, as we're in a rebuilding period. Banding together with our other VT roller derby friends gives veteran CVRD skaters a chance to skate competitively, which otherwise would not be possible.

If you're an aspiring skater in Central Vermont, but our Sunday practice schedule doesn't work for you, please note that we often carpool to the GMRD practices in Burlington on Tuesday nights. We would love to have you along!


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